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Are you a marketer who needs to master new skills constantly? Are you a business owner who needs results from your marketing for your business to survive? Are you a freelance marketer who needs to be better than your competition? You’re in the right place, and this course is for you.

"Content Marketing Pro has been great! The video lessons are easy to understand and you can learn at you own pace! This has taken my small business to the next level!"
-Shannon Powers
JBL Builders

Get Better Website Traffic

Do you have a website that’s just not getting you leads?

It’s good to get website traffic, but it’s even better when those visitors are exactly where they hoped to be.  Learn how to attract the right people, drive more leads, and earn more customers by telling the right stories and improving your search engine ranking.


Create Better Social Media Pages

Are you falling flat with your social media posts and audience?

Learn to create compelling, engaging posts that get more reactions, shares, and comments.  And, organically create a group of follows who look forward to hearing from you.


Build Better Content

Do you have a great product, but you’re not quite sure how to showcase it?

Learn to make appealing content, high-converting ads, and beautiful graphics, all without needing a degree in graphic design.

You’ve got a great product; it’s time to let the world know!


Earn More Money From Your Marketing!

Are you earning little-to-no money with your marketing efforts?

Marketing isn’t just about looking good – it also needs to generate revenue. We’ll show you how we helped dozens of small business owners turn their companies into multi-million dollar organizations!

Here’s What Content Marketing Pro Covers

Get results with these on-demand video lessons within hours, with more videos added all of the time!

Content Marketing Pro Course Curriculum

1.1 Welcome to the Content Marketing Pro course!

1.2 Join our private Facebook community!

1.3 About Ryan

2.1 SMART Goals

2.2 Creating a budget

2.3 How to conduct an online audit

2.4 How to pick the right computer

2.5 Types of software you need

2.6 Inbound versus outbound marketing

2.7 How to setup Hubspot (watch only if you plan to use it)

3.1 Introduction to branding

3.2 Five keys to designing a great logo for your business

3.3 Choosing a color scheme that fits

3.4 Three keys to choosing the right font

3.5 Logo creation - How we created the Content Marketing Pro logo

4.1 Seven principles of graphic design

4.2 Six components of a graphic

4.3 Four keys to telling a good story (and why it matters)

4.4 Five keys to creating a lead-generating blog

4.5 Four tips for posting quality photo content

5.2 What is SEO?

5.3 How to build a site architecture

5.4 Keywords, title tags, and meta descriptions

5.5 Breadcrumbs & pillar pages

5.7 How to buy a domain

5.8 The advantages to using heatmaps

6.1 Becoming your own brand ambassador

6.2 Breaking down the social media platforms

6.3 The hidden advantages of social media marketing

6.5 Building your Facebook audience organically

6.6 How to grow your YouTube channel organically

7.1 How to create successful email campaigns

7.2 How to segment your email audiences

7.3 How to create clickable email subject lines

8.1 Five keys to successful advertising

8.2 How to create buyer personas

8.3 Affiliations and partnerships

8.4 iOS 14 update

All I can say is WOW! This tell-all approach towards content marketing & practical application will knock the socks off your graduate degree or any marketing training you've ever had!
-Ben Snyder

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How Content Marketing Pro worked for others

As a photographer and small business owner, I’ve gotten by, but always knew I needed to sit down and work through proper marketing. This course walks you through everything from building a successful brand to ultimately converting leads into paying clients. I was actively taking notes of things I needed to improve. Several times, I felt compelled to stop the course and update my website or rework various other aspects of my business that were needing attention. I’m definitely motivated to keep moving forward with confidence and a specific marketing plan as a result of this course. Content Marketing Pro is a very comprehensive course and I can’t wait to see my sales grow.
Dylan Russell
Owner - Unshackled Pursuit
The videos are good and. the content is astounding! This content is SO timely for my business! Also, I so appreciate that the info is given in a way it is easy for me to understand.
Maggie Sherrill
Owner - Empower 365
Great content and well put together step-by-step instructions. Just what the doctor ordered for learning about business marketing. Content Marketing Pro is a video learning experience rather than textual, which would be a preference to my choice of learning. It’s certainly more affordable and convenient than signing up for a college marketing course. Professional effective educational content for anyone looking to better their marketing knowledge.
Dennis Davis
Owner - David Productions
This course taught me some fundamental and advance marketing skills that I didn’t know I needed. It also empowered me to handle my marketing by breaking it down into smaller manageable tasks. If I decide to hire a marketing team, I’ll have the knowledge to make sure I am hiring the right team.
Elias Garcia

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Mike Sheffield
Founder & Achievement Expert - DOER Pro
Content Marketing Pro Digital Marketing Course Instructor Ryan Shaffer

About Your Instructor – Ryan R. Shaffer, MBA

I’ve been in your shoes.

Ten years ago, I started a marketing business. And, because I wasn’t good enough at it, I failed and went to work at a place I hated, and I got fired. I decided, at that moment, that I’d never again go through that pain again. So, for the better part of the next decade, I learned everything I could about marketing. Starting as a social media manager and working my way up to a marketing director, I gained insights from every level. By the time I started a new marketing business in 2017, I was ready. I’d run marketing departments for four companies by that point, and had my share of ups and downs. 

I now run a very successful small business, and I help other marketers, freelancers, and business owners by sharing everything I’ve learned along the way. Some were nearly bankrupt, and now they make anywhere from $200,000 to $3 million through their websites alone.

For business owners, this course will help you survive in the difficult, saturated world of digital marketing. You’ll grow your social media presence, shore up your websites, and create better, more effective ads. For marketers, this course will help you round out your skills. As we all know, employers see you as replaceable…this course will teach you everything I learned to become irreplaceable. For freelancers, you’ll learn more skills that will put you in position to rise above the competition so you can thrive as a business owner.

I want to help you all become Content Marketing Pros, and I look forward to sharing my journey with you!

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